Thursday, November 14, 2013

Save The Date

The date is the first really important thing you deal with when planning a wedding. Whether you have a preference of season, weekend or weekday, time and availability will all have an impact on your big day.

Some important things to consider:

1. How long will you have to plan your wedding? For example: if you get engaged at Christmas, and have your heart set on a summer wedding, will you have time to plan your dream day in 6-8 months? Or wait until the following year?

2. Cost. Summer weddings are more popular on the whole, and therefore vendors can command higher prices. If you are planning a winter wedding you might be in a good position to haggle on price with some suppliers.

3. Availability. Again if you plan to marry at a popular time of year you might find your dream venue/florist/photographer is not available. Be prepared to compromise and start doing your homework well in advance.

4. The tone of your wedding. Do you want a very traditional wedding or something more relaxed and informal? This can influence your choice, for example if you want a BBQ outside where everyone helps themselves, July would be a more obvious choice than January!

My favourite season is Autumn, and so our wedding will be in October. This left us with 13 months to plan our big day!

(And thanks to several wedding planning apps, I now know that we only have 333 days left!)

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